High-quality, patient focused Neurological care.

At Vero Beach Neurology and Research Institute we are more than a doctor’s office, we are a group of caregivers that maintain, as our utmost priority, to provide personalized, compassionate and comprehensive evidence based neurological care and research. From our front desk staff, nurses, technologists, research team and clinical providers, we all take to heart your care and comfort during and throughout your patient experience. We treat, not only you as the patient, but your whole family as caregivers, spouses and family members also experience the life changing events associated with acute and chronic neurological illness. We are more than just a doctor’s office we are a family that treats you like family.

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Personalized care, Professional expertise

Dr. Stuart J. Shafer and Stacy smith, PA-C, are honored to practice Neurology in Indian River County since 1997, respectively. They believe that each individual patient is not just a number or a chart full of papers, but a part of our family.

We know all too well that choosing a medical provider is no trivial task. Therefore, we thank you for choosing Vero Beach Neurology and Research Institute for your Neurological needs and look forward to assisting you.

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Frequently Treated Conditions

In October of 2016 Dr. Shafer started his solo practice Vero Beach Neurology and Research Institute (VBNRI). Along with the MS Center of Vero Beach, he founded in 2001, VBNRI cares for patients with a variety of neurological disorders.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Cognitive disorders primarily affect abilities including learning, memory, perception, and problem solving. Many of these disorders are degenerative and are exacerbated by the aging process.


Most, but not all cases of Epilepsy are characterized by a propensity of recurring seizures. Through proper treatment and monitoring, seizure activity can be reduced both in duration and frequency.


Acute Headaches

Roughly 12% of the U.S. population, almost 39,000,000 adults and children, suffer from Migraines. Migraines are painful and sometimes debilitating lasting several days or weeks.


Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a disease of the central nervous system that impedes the flow of information between the brain and body. Causes of MS are still unknown.



Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease is a degenerative disorder within the central nervous system that mainly effects motor functions. Through proper treatment and management symptoms can be relieved, but there is currently no cure for Parkinson’s Disease.


The effects of a Stroke largely depend on where the stroke occurs within the brain and how much damage is done to the brain cells. Some survivors of Strokes recover completely, while most are left with disability.


Dr. Shafer, a life-long resident of Vero Beach, has been practicing Neurology since 1997. Stacy Smith, PA-C joined him in 2000. Together they bring nearly 50 years of caring for patients of Vero Beach and the surrounding communities.

Meet Our Team

We’re dedicated to providing high-quality, patient focused neurological care and our staff helps us provide the highest level service. Learn more about out doctors, staff and research team.

Dr. S. James Shafer, a local resident since 1977, has practiced Adult Neurology in Vero Beach and the surrounding area since 1997.

Stacy, a lifelong area resident, completed her Physician Assistant training in 2000, joining Dr. Shafer upon graduation.

A medical team would not be complete without a comprehensive medical staff. We are honored to work along side some of the best in the business.

Our Research Clinic

Our Research Clinic has participated in over 40 National and International trials of which Dr. Shafer has been a Principal Investigator or Sub-Principal Investigator. We currently are enrolling patient in the following clinical trials.