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Vero Beach Neurology believes that each individual patient is not just a number or a chart full of papers, but a part of our family. We are deeply dedicated to our research and this leads to new services we can offer. Learn more about these services as they are made available.

Dedication, research and new services

Dr. Shafer, a life-long resident of Vero Beach, has been practicing Neurology here since 1997. Stacy Smith, PA-C joined him in 2000 and has gained nearly 17 years of Neurology specific care experience alongside Dr. Shafer. Together they bring 37 years of caring for patients of Vero Beach and the surrounding communities.

Available New Services

As part of our continuing desire to provide the latest and most comprehensive neurological care we have added these additional services.

Video ambulatory electroencephalography (AEEG) monitoring is a relatively recent technology that allows prolonged electroencephalographic (EEG) recording in the home setting. Its ability to record continuously for up to 72 hours increases the chance of recording an ictal event or interictal epileptiform discharges (seizure activity). Initially the patient is seen in the office for application of the EEG electrodes. The patient will keep these electrodes on for up 72 hours, taking this device home with them. Some patients will require video monitoring. This will allow Dr. Shafer to visualize potential seizure activity on the video recording, comparing this to the electrical activity documented on the EEG waveforms. This data will allow for more specific neurological diagnosis.


New services

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